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The advantages of roller banners

Roller banners are a popular and highly effective display method:

Easy to store and transport

The graphics of a roller banner stand roll up into a base with a spring-tensioned roller mechanism. This means the prints are protected during transit in a cassette which is portable and compact.

Easy to set up

Set up couldn’t be easier: you pull the graphic up and hook it over the correct pole, and hey presto! It’s also fast, with some models like the Quickroll Lite taking only a minute to assemble – a major advantage when you have limited time.

Stable and durable

Choose your type of banner stand depending on the frequency of use and the environment. Some are designed for daily rugged reliability in high traffic areas, whilst others are more lightweight. Print finishes can also be suited to your durability needs.

Cost effective

With widths of 1.5 – 2 metres available, roller banners can rival pop up stands in size, but can be a more affordable option without compromising on quality.

Flexible and adaptable

Double-sided models can double your advertising space without impacting on floor space, while some models allow you to change height, tension or even graphics easily. In the right position a double-sided stand can increase your visibility from all approaches and is a versatile tool for modelling the space according to your needs.