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Streamline small spaces for maximum impact

Your budget may not allow for a large, spacious exhibition space, but with good planning your small stand can still make a big impact.

Keeping it streamlined will make it look larger – you need to create a clean, uncluttered space and make sure any furniture or display stands do not act as a physical barrier.

Bright, light colours and reflective surfaces can also help make the space seem larger, especially when combined with clever lighting.

Depending on whether you have chosen to rent a shell scheme or space only plot, you could decide to have only two walls. While this does reduce the wall space available for graphics, it does open up your stand, making it feel bigger and also making it more visible from different angles.

Concentrate on putting really good, dramatic graphics on the walls you do have, maybe using the Twist banner stands with angular or curved linking panels.

If your budget will allow it, consider integrating a monitor into your display to provide added interest without encroaching on your floor space. You need to make your stand as engaging as possible!

Double-sided banner stands can also be a useful addition to a small exhibition space. This type of display stand allows for two graphics on one stand, and when cleverly positioned, is visible from more than one approach.