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Spread your marketing message effectively using roller banner stands

Roller banner stands are one of the most popular exhibition stands that are used by business owners these days. These stands are designed in such a way that you can roll and carry them wherever you want. By positioning the metal base and pulling the graphics or banners back, you can have the banner stands ready in a matter of minutes. The base, mounting hardware, banners and telescopic stand are the main components of this type of display stand.

One of the best features of roller banner stands is that they are available in different sizes. Generally, the height of roller banners is eighty inches and the width varies between 40 to 50 inches. But, you can also have custom made roller banner stands, as per your specific requirements. Most marketing experts recommend roller banner stands, as they offer many benefits. Here are just some of the features of roller banner stands:

Roller banners offer portability – These stands are made from light materials which are very easy to lift and relocate. After dismantling, you can place them in a nylon bag which is very easy to use. This portability feature of roller banner stands allows exhibitors to use them at different venues throughout the year.

Roller banners are attractive – The banners used in these stands are designed using bright graphics which helps to grab the attention of the visitors. You can also add extra lights to these stands and promote your business in the best possible way.

Roller banners are durable –
These banners are made from strong materials which can easily withstand rain or harsh sunlight. The heavy base of roller banner stands makes them perfect for outdoor events.