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Smart suggestions for using banner stands

Banner stands are commonly used as promotional tools for various newly launched products. Using banner stands at exhibitions not only enhances the design of your booth but also helps in displaying your products in a more positive and professional way. An attractive banner stand can spur customer interest and help disseminate marketing messages.

Use high spaces

When putting up a banner stand, ensure that you put it high up to provide clear visibility for attendees. An ideal location for your banner stand would be on top of your booth. Your banner stand will have a greater marketing impact if the sign is visible from multiple directions and from long distance.

Create awareness

Attendees will never look for your booth. You have to ensure that they are directed there. Place signboards at busy intersections with eye catching messages. Display discounts in a subtle way to create a sense of curiosity amongst attendees.

Smart use of cashiers

Gone are the days when cashiers only dealt with the purchase of a product. Place small banner stands with company information and pamphlets on the cashier desk so that people can have something to read while they wait. This location is excellent for information about service packages and warranties.

Make better use of the time available

Don’t just sit back once you have finished with the promotion of products on display. Ensure that you promote upcoming products by announcing details about them. Use banner stands for such announcements. At the same time, ensure that you do not give out too much information as this will negate the curiosity factor when the product is actually launched.