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Sightmaster Whirlwind Outdoor A Board Sign Holder

The Sightmaster Whirlwind A Board is tough and durable for outdoor use

The Sightmaster Whirlwind A Board is tough and durable for outdoor use

The Whirlwind Sightmaster

The Sightmaster Whirlwind Outdoor A Board is a tough, durable and great looking outdoor poster/sign holder. The Sightmaster Whirlwind features a hollow plastic base which can be filled with either sand or water to provide great stability even in moderate wind conditions. The frame of the sign holder is mounted to the base using springs that allow the sign to flex in the wind rather than blowing over.

The Sightmaster Whirlwind also features a convenient carry handle and wheels on the opposite side. This design feature allows the sign holder to be moved around easily. For customers concerned with theft of the sign holder, it is possible to thread through a chain to the handle of the base and anchor it for security!

The Sightmaster Whirlwind A Board / Sign Holder comes complete with two scratch resistant, anti glare poster covers. Posters are installed into the frame by simply opening the edges of the frame which use a simple snap-open mechanism. We recommend the use of durable outdoor posters which we can print onto blockout PVC material using our environmentally friendly UV print process. Our printed posters will last for a minimum of 3 years outdoors without fading or running.

The Sightmaster A Board is currently available at a massively discounted price of £80 plus vat (usually £149 plus vat). We have limited stocks available which at this price, we expect to sell very fast.

If you have any questions about the Whirlwind Sightmaster Poster Holder or any of our other products, please just call on 01785 224055 or visit our website