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Shell Clad Exhibtion Stands

A shell scheme is made from a series of aluminium upright posts which are connected together which infill panels between them.

Conventional graphic panels for shell schemes normally fit in-between the shell scheme posts and therefore the display can look rather fragmented. As exhibition stand organisers rarely allow for materials to be stuck on top of the shell scheme posts, we have clips available which snap on-top of the posts which allow for printed panels to be fixed edge to edge.

These clips known as ‘shell clad‘ adapters are very simple components, faced with velcro that gives the exhibition panels a surface to adhere to.

Printed panels for the stand are produced using a choice of rollable or rigid boards and are made to an exact measurement so that they fit over the top of the posts, spanning from the centre of one post to the centre of the next post.

The overall effect of using shell clad fixings and compatible panels is that the display is a continuous mural rather than a series of stand-alone posters.

The cost for producing all of the graphic panels and supplying clips for a 3M x 1M stand for example would be around £620 plus vat which is comparable to something like a regular sized pop up stand. The benefit of using exhibition shell clad clips and panels when compared to free-standing portable displays like pop up stands and banner stands is that none of the precious floor space is taken up, this is something very important on a smaller stand area.

Although many exhibition shell schemes have identical panel dimensions, it is necessary to confirm the type of stand that you have so that we can produce the correct type of clips and the correct dimensions for the artwork panels. We can either provide raw panel dimensions for your own designer or creative team to work to or alternatively we can produce a bespoke artwork template for your stand and your designer can overlay the artwork on-top.

As well as producing shell clad panels and graphics, Printdesigns also deal with all types of exhibition displays and graphics. We are one of the lowest cost suppliers of pop up stand and banner stands and we also offer all types of large format printing and finishing including UV, dye sublimation, ink jet and contour cutting.

If you have any projects that you would like a competitive quote on in the future, please just call or email and we will be happy to help.