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Setting up trade show displays

Start thinking about the set-up of your trade show display even before designing it! Your travel arrangements and the time you have available for setting up the display are considerations that should be taken into account, along with those of budget and impact.

You will need to know how many employees will accompany you to the trade show, and their experience at this type of events. The manpower you have on the day should also determine the type of display you choose.

It is preferable to have a simple but effective trade show display, with some well-designed pop up or banner stands, rather than an overly complex display that requires a lot of set-up time. The more complex the display, the more potential for difficulties on the day! Pop up and banner stands are easy to set up, requiring roughly ten minutes per display stand and no tools.

So, if you know you will be limited for time and want to make the most of your trade show without worrying about complicated and difficult set-ups, take this into account at the planning stages. Simple displays can still have an impact, but will also allow your company a more serene experience, and mean that you can concentrate on making the experience a positive and profitable one!