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Select an appropriate size of banner stand for a successful trade show

Banner stands attract attention as they stimulate the visual senses of visitors. They are extremely practical in nature and provide high-end visual displays to enhance businesses of any industry. Banner stands are very popular and therefore are preferred by everyone.

There are several different types of banner stand available in the market, but just few stand out distinctively from the crowd because of their unique features.

Table top banner stands

Table top banner stands are available in heights of 24 inches, 18 inches and 42 inches. The right sizes of banner stands depend completely on the prices and portability. They are extremely attractive in nature and gather audiences without much effort. Always remember to choose the sizes of banner stands that complement your products and services displayed, without overshadowing them.


Roll up banner stands

Roll up banner stands are simple to assemble and can be rolled up and down without much effort. All that you have to do is roll it out and connect it to the stand. Roll up banner stands are 78 inches and 84 inches high and can be easily noticed from a distance. Since roll up banner stands are large in size they are a little bit more expensive as compared to the table top banner stands.


Pole banner stands

Pole banner stands are less expensive than their counterparts, but are high in maintenance requirements. They have to be manually rolled out and unrolled again. Pole banner stands are found in 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and 80 inches in height. With such dimensions, it is easy to install vertical aspects to the display stands.


Choose the right banner stand and enjoy the benefits of it.