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Seamless displays for shell clad schemes

For some exhibitors, a shell scheme system may seem like the easiest option when booking space at a trade show.

The event organisers provide the wall structure of the exhibition stand in the form of upright aluminium posts which are linked by rigid panels, meaning that the exhibitor just needs to ‘decorate’ the walls and fill the space as he or she sees fit.

These posts and panels can cause problems, however, particularly if you want to create a seamless and continuous graphic along the wall structure. The aluminium posts do not lie flush against the panels, and this means that any continuous graphic display will be interrupted by these posts.

Luckily, there is a solution which allows you to create a seamless back wall display while hiding the posts. Shell Cad fixings are designed to fit into the pre-existing aluminium framework and provide a framework onto which the graphic panels can be fastened edge-to-edge.

Graphics can be printed onto either rigid panels or heavyweight rollable panels, which can prove to be more practical in terms of transport and storage.

So, don’t let the limitations of a shell clad scheme impact on the effectiveness of your exhibition stand displays.