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Say it in as few words as possible

Creating trade show exhibition displays is a real challenge. The stakes are usually fairly high, in the sense that you will invest time and money in the event, and few companies can afford to participate ‘just for the fun’. You really only have a few seconds to grab the attention of those passers-by, so how should you communicate your message?

1. First, you need to define your message. Strip it down to the most important elements: the ones you want your visitors to remember.

2. Your next task is to create a headline. This is the most distilled form of your message, and it needs to be powerful and compelling. The shorter it is, the larger the letters can be. And the larger the letters, the more visible it will be, even from a distance.

3. Don’t go for quirky fonts as you need your message to be as clear as possible. Visitors will give up at the first hurdle, so make sure all barriers are removed.

4. If you are writing text for your banner stands or other graphic panels, the same principle applies as for the headline. You need to find a way to express the core elements of your message in the shortest way possible. Use bullet points, short and simple sentences, avoid complicated specialist vocabulary… Your banner stands should create the springboard for your visitors to ask you questions, and not try to give them all the answers.