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Roller banners – Flexible display solutions

Exhibitors use different types of display stands to create a stunning trade booth. Roller stands are one of them. With roller banners, you can carry these stands to different locations with ease.

There are various other benefits of using roller banners. Some of them are elucidated below.

Different designs and patterns

Roller banners are available in varying designs and sizes. They also have attractive features. Some of them have in-built lighting systems which can be used to highlight messages and graphics in night time. The attractive lighting can also add to the appeal of roller banners. With different colours of lighting displays, these stands can become the centre of attention at the exhibition.

Some roller banners come with protective glass shields. This helps to protect the display stand from dust, heat, rain and other damaging material. Many roller banners also come with in-built poster holders. Not only are these holders aesthetically appealing, they are also effective to protect the banner as they are made using aluminium or steel.

Easy to transport

Roller banners are stored in nylon bags. Packed in these kits, you can carry them to exhibition grounds, sports stadiums and other outdoor places where crowds gather in huge numbers. At the location, roller banners can be simply unrolled from the base and mounted on another stand. They are effective to create the right impression on trade visitors.

Before buying roller banners, you should consider your company requirements and needs. Roller banners are present day solutions to your ever-changing promotional needs.