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Roller banner stands

One of the most popular types of banner stands on the market is the roller banner.

It’s perhaps their compact design that makes roller banners a favourite of marketers and those who exhibit regularly at tradeshow events. A roller banner uses a simple to operate mechanism where the banner retracts into its casing when not in use by using a spring loaded mechanism. This makes transporting the banner easy and also means that the banner will not be damaged easily. To use the banner, it simply needs to be pulled from the case (which also acts as a floor stand) and hung on a supplied pole.

Many people choose to display their company name or logo on a banner so they can use it countless times and the information will remain fresh. However, just about anything can be displayed on a roller banner, with both sides of the banner easily visible for you to display and hence spread your message.

Most standard roller banners are around 850mm wide, but you can also get roller banners in smaller sizes and even banners in widths up to 1200mm to create a maximum impact on your target audience.