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Printing your exhibition back walls

Exhibition back walls can play a large role in your trade show display, and need to look great, complement your display stands and make some serious impact! In order to do this, you need to make sure that the materials used are of high quality, along with the printing process itself.

Our 2mm thick foamex printed panels are ideal for this purpose for several reasons: it is lightweight but durable, which means it will withstand transport and display while being easy to move to and from the exhibition. They can also be produced in almost any size and are easily attached using Velcro.

We don’t do things traditionally in this case: we don’t print onto paper or vinyl and then apply it to the board. Why? Simply because the risk with this method is that the upper layer of paper or vinyl will start to peel away from the edges of the board. We prefer to print directly to the board to create a high quality wall which will last longer.

The super-wide format printing machine used in these cases allows us to print onto a whole range of materials in addition to foamex, using environmentally-friendly printing processes. The ink used delivers super quality prints without using any of the VOCs that can be harmful to the environment (and those people doing the printing).