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Printdesigns Encourages Businesses to be Sustainable at Trade Shows and Exhibitions

bamboo-banner-standsUnfortunately not all exhibitions and trade shows are as green as the industry would hope, and the events businesses is miles behind other industries when it comes to sustainability.  This is in part down to the scale of such events, and the electricity required and waste produced, but exhibiting businesses also need to take responsibility and look for eco-friendly options and ways to be greener at trade shows.

Printdesigns, the UK’s leading supplier of affordable display stands, is encouraging businesses to be more environmentally conscious in their choices when exhibiting at trade events and expos.  With new sustainable technologies and materials now readily available, there is no excuse for companies to rely on PVC and other display stand production elements which are non-degradable.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns said, “Exhibitions have a hefty negative impact on the environment, and businesses need to step up and take responsibility for it.  Choosing an eco-friendly display stand is just one simple but effective way of reducing environmental impact, and the green options from Printdesigns certainly do not compromise on quality.  Our range of fabric display stands and bamboo banner stands give the same professional printing results as their less environmentally conscious counterparts, and can even have additional benefits.”

The bamboo banner stand is not only environmentally friendly, it is also durable, hard wearing and has a unique attractive design.  The bamboo plant is one of the world’s most sustainable materials, which is why it is fast becoming a replacement for aluminium and other metals with typically make up the structure of a banner stand.

Printdesigns’ range of fabric exhibition stands are also top of the low-impact list, as graphics are printed onto a natural textile material rather than plastic based PVC and polyester which is made using fossil fuels.  The alternative fabric displays boast a host of advantages, as the graphics are printed onto the lightweight material in one piece reversing the need for unappealing panel joins.

Mr Thompson added, “Another factor to consider is the environmental impact of travelling to exhibitions; as our fabric display stands are so light and easy to transport, they can be carried on public transport which is a greener alternative to driving.”