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Printdesigns’ Tips and Tricks for an Enticing Presentation

In the current economic climate, many businesses and firms have been trying new, more affordable ways, such as presentations, to reach out and promote their products and services. Now Printdesigns, one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand providers, has these tips to help make your presentation stand out.

A spokesperson from the firm, which offers a range of exclusive and unique exhibition stands, banner stands and pop-up stands, said, “Many firms have undergone cost-cutting processes, eliminating staff and other in-house activity. However, it would be a huge mistake to remove marketing from your budget, as not only can this have a detrimental impact on your brand and, of course, brand awareness but it will also become more difficult to attract new customers. So, we hope the following tips will help companies to ensure you make the right impression with your presentation.”

1) Your choice and use of language is absolutely crucial – both verbal and body language, of course! Only 7 per-cent of what we communicate is verbal – thirty-eight per-cent depends on our intonation, so a clear, loud voice is absolutely essential. The remaining fifty-five per-cent is communicated via body language. A person who knows how to control their body and voice is far more effective than a scripted speech with no body language or intonation whatsoever.

2) Talk to your delegates, not at them – quite often during presentations, exhibitions and speeches, we find we are being talked at, rather than being talked to, which we subconsciously often perceive as negative, boring and irrelevant to us (even if it actually is relevant). When making your presentation, whether you are using an exhibition stand or not as part of it, you need to ensure you address your audience and speak to them, as though you were in a meeting with colleagues and were discussing a certain topic with them. Professionalism and friendliness go hand-in-hand.

3) Do your research and plan in advance – when making your presentation, make sure you know about the company you are addressing. Prepare potential questions that you would ask if you were a part of that company, listening to this presentation. Also ensure the exhibition stand you take with you is appropriate for that company, captures their attention and further engages them in what you have to say.

4) Before you make your presentation or purchase a stand, think about the image you would like to portray. It can be easy to invest in a cheaply-made display stand, especially when times are hard. However, if your exhibition stand looks cheap or generic, you will be giving out the message that your products are too, so it is essential to strike the right balance.

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About Printdesigns: Printdesigns is one of theUK’s leading supplier of portable banner stands, pop up stands, pop up displays, exhibition stands and roller banners. we are a specialist print company dealing in the production of portable display stands for exhibitions, conferences, events and advertising. Since our company formed in 1999 we have produced work for a wide variety of businesses both large and small. Our display stands have been the choice for big businesses such as Microsoft, Sony, BMW, Mazda and Lexmark.