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Portable Exhibition Banner Stands – A Quick Guide

There are many types of portable exhibit banner stands on the market at the present, all of which are ideal of events, conferences and exhibitions. We thought it would be useful to sumarise in a couple of hundred words what the main options are. In later blog entries, we will talk in greater detail about each type of display.

Banner stands are one of the popular types of stand alone exhibition stands

Banner stands are one of the popular types of stand alone exhibition stands

Our first article is about banner stands. In later articles, we will look at other types of displays like pop up stands and twist banners.

Banner Stands

These are normally used as stand-alone displays although multiple banner stands can be placed within an exhibition stand, either spaced around the stand spare or by arranging them side by side. Banner stands usually measure between 600mm wide x 2000mm wide and have a height of between 1800mm and 2200mm. The most popular type of banner stands are roller banners. Roller banners work like an upside down projector screen or roller blind whereby the print itself is wound into a cassette that is tensioned by a coiled spring. One of the best things about roller banners is the print is stored inside the base while in transit and thus it is protected from damage. Roller Banners vary enormously in price from less than £50 for a budget banner stand model, up to over £200 for a top of the range, heavyweight model like our giant banner stand.

Another type of banner stand is a tensioned banner stand. These systems tension the print by either a telescopic pole or flexible rod poles. Tensioned banners can have a very nice, stylish appearance but are more difficult to assemble and transport due to the fact that the print is stored and transported separately. A benefit of a tensioned banner is where weight (or lack of it) is priority. In addition, printed graphics for tensioned banners can be replaced very quickly enabling the customer to purchase only one stand but multiple graphics. One of our most popular tensioned banners would be the x banner which is available for under £50.