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Pop-up stands – versatile accessories for your trade exhibition

If your company participates in a number of trade exhibitions, then you must be aware of the different types of exhibition stands available. Out of the different exhibition stands, pop-up stands are perhaps most popular. Pop-up stands have become so popular because they boast a number of features.

Pop-up stands come in a range of heights and widths. They can also be customised to suit individual needs and requirements. There are a lot of things that you can do with pop-up stands.

These pop-up stands are suitable for most exhibition areas. If you have booked a larger space in the exhibition, then you may require larger ones and these are available.

Double sided pop-up stands are a good option if your exhibition stand will be approachable from multiple directions. The advantage of using double sided pop up stands is that you have two times the area to exhibit and thus your chances of getting noticed are increased.

You can get bespoke frames to make taller pop-up stands. You can either use these tall pop-up stands as standalone units or use them in conjunction with short stands to create a custom designed exhibit.