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Pop up stands- three different types

Pop up stands are economical accessories that are used by many exhibitors. They are versatile and are available in different shapes and sizes. Pop up stands come in straight, curved and custom designs. All three types are explained below.

Straight pop up stands

Straight pop up stands are ideal display stands if your trade show booth is near walls. When placed in corners, they utilise minimum space and yet are effective enough to catch visitors’ attention. Straight pop up stands are the perfect option when there is limited floor area to be utilised. They sometimes require support devices to provide stability to the stand.

Curved pop up stands

Curved pop up stands are popular amongst many exhibitors as these display stands do not require other accessories to support them, and remain stable due to their unique shape. As they have a curved build, they help in creating a self-contained and an enclosed atmosphere. This helps when talking to customers as it creates a more private feel.

Custom pop up stands

Custom pop up stands can incorporate the design of both straight as well as curved pop up stands. A modular looking display stand can be created by using components of straight and curved pop up stands fitted together.

Choose the best pop up stand for your needs.