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Pop Up Stands – Magnetic or Cross Braced Pop Up Displays

We have already talked briefly about smaller exhibition stands known as banner stands and we described the differences between tension banner stands and roller banners.

Today, in a couple of hundred words we are focusing on larger pop up stands and the differences between the various displays on the market….

All Pop Up Stands work by using a framework that is constructed from lightweight aluminum tubing which is interconnected with polycarbonate hubs. The framework is collapsible and in it’s folded-down state could be moved around, usually in a wheeled pop up case.

To assemble a pop up stand, the frame is simply pulled upwards and outwards, which expands the backwall into it’s upright position. The assembly of a pop up tradeshow display takes only minutes! When the frame of the pop up stand is extended, the panels can be hung onto the frame by attaching the graphics magnetically to the frame itself. On a good quality pop up stand, the panel fit and alignment is very good and even text and images can be spanned over the panel joins.

There are two main types of pop up stands on the market:

Magnetic pop up stands like our quick fix pop up stand or express pop up stand or more upmarket ‘cross braced pop up stands‘. The difference between a magnetic and cross braced pop up stand is in the framework itself, a cross braced system having extra tubing to strengthen and form a more rigid backwall.

If you anticipate using the pop up stand on uneven floors or simply expect to use the stand very frequently, a cross braced pop up stand is a worthwhile investment over a standard magnetic pop up. It’s worth noting that when trying to buy a cheap pop up stand, many suppliers will only ever offer a magnetic system rather than a cross braced system so be sure to ask your supplier what type of frame is being supplied.

All of our pop up exhibition display stands are guaranteed for 10 years.