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Pop up stands – How can a company utilise them effectively?

If your company wishes to participate in specific trade shows at different locations, then investing in pop up stands is a good idea. Pop up stands are effective to impart the intended message to your target audience. They are user-friendly and help sales staff to give impressive presentations.

Design of pop up stands

Pop up stands are made with a material fixed over them. This material can be either fabric or painted laminated graphic. Out of the two, the graphic material is popular as it looks professional. The surface of the material is painted and decorated attractively to lure trade visitors. If they are used in conjunction with other display stands like banner stands or pop up displays, their effect can be doubled.

Measuring pop up stands

Pop up stands are measured in a different manner unlike the rest of the stands. The term used for measuring these stands is called quads or sections. Pop up stands measuring three quads tall and one to five quads wide are most popularly used. Each stand is grouped into categories according to their quads. This resembles a boxed framework when put together. Popularity of pop up stands can be credited to the ample room for customisation that they provide. The boxed framework can be rearranged or shifted to create a display in varying sizes and shapes.

Shape of pop up stands

Another distinguishing feature of pop up stands is that they come in pre-determined shapes. You can choose from curved pop up stands or straight stands. Curved pop up stands look elegant and aesthetic. Straight stands can be placed anywhere and are effective as attention- grabbing tools. If pop up stands have to be set up near corners or near walls, then curved stands are more attractive than straight stands.