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Pop up displays – their features and three unique types

If you participate in trade exhibitions, you have to use different types of exhibition display stands. They are needed for a professional looking trade booth. Pop up displays are used by many exhibitors for attractive trade booth displays.

Many companies participate in trade shows as they are an excellent platform for retailers and customers to interact on a personal level. Companies can also keep a check on their competitors to see what products are being displayed.

Pop up displays

Pop up displays look innovative and also give a professional look to your trade booth. They are used to display attractive graphics and text as this is the best way to advertise products. Pop up displays are long-lasting, robust and are designed to withstand different conditions. They can be used on a number of occasions and are perfect for creating the desired impression on the trade audience.

Convertible pop up displays

Convertible pop up displays are used to display brochures and products. They make the stand look eye-catching and impressive. The fabric used to manufacture these stands comes in different colours and this helps to enhance the overall appeal of the stand.

Tabletop pop up displays

Tabletop pop up displays are perfect for use when there is less available space. These stands are small in size and effectively display products on tables.

Fabric pop up displays

Fabric pop up displays are manufactured using aluminium frames but can hold fabric using Velcro or magnetic strips.