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Pop up displays – Important considerations while buying one

Pop up displays are a great option if you wish to exhibit at different exhibitions. Convenience in transport is one of their striking features.

Selecting a pop up display of the right size

You need to consider many things when buying pop up displays for your exhibition. And one of the things is the appropriate size of the display. Choosing the right sized display becomes even more important when you realise these displays come in a variety of sizes, ranging from tabletop displays to huge 10 to 20 feet pop up displays.

Large sized display stands are effective to use as a backdrop for your display. The size of pop up displays will depend on the type of trade exhibitions you wish to attend. Use large sized display stands only if you require a large display area at the exhibition. Small or standard sized pop up displays effectively serve their purpose during most other times.

Other things to consider

You need to be careful about the quality of the pop up display as you are going to use them at many exhibitions throughout the year. Transportation and heavy use can cause wear and tear of the displays. Always select good quality pop up displays that are strong as well as light in weight.

Benefits of pop up displays

Pop up displays are designed to be flexible. They offer simplicity during setting up and come in different styles and designs that complement different trade exhibitions. Pop up displays are strong yet stylish.