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Pop up displays – benefits of using them

Pop up displays are often used by exhibitors to spread awareness and promote products. These stands are used to hang displays that give a larger than life effect. Pop up exhibition stands come in varying sizes and graphics that can be used in any kind of exhibition. Here are a few benefits of pop up displays:

Light and portable

Pop up display stands are light in weight. These can be used by exhibitors that participate in any number of exhibitions from time to time. You get kits to store these stands so that transportation and storage is easier.

Change graphics without buying new stands

Exhibition stands, other than pop up displays, need to change the complete stand for a new graphic. These displays allow you to change the graphic as per your need and convenience without investing in a new stand. Pop up displays that you used for previous exhibitions can be used again with a different graphic.

Freedom to add accessories

Pop up display stands allow you to add accessories like additional display panels. Lighting can also be used to make them more attractive to visitors. As these accessories gel well with these displays, it becomes easier for the exhibitor to attract visitors and boost sales.


As there is no need to change the display stands to replace the graphic, these displays become a cost-effective option. Similarly, due to easy transportation and portability, the cost on new exhibition stands is saved. These exhibition displays are hence cost-effective and save unnecessary expense.