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Planning on buying pop up stands?

If you have been taking part in exhibitions and trade shows then you will be aware of the importance of display stands. These stands are specially manufactured to display business products and attract more visitors. Today, different types of exhibition stands are available on the market. Pop-up stands are preferred by many exhibitors because they offer several benefits such as:

• Portable
• Versatile
• Affordable

One of the best things about pop-up stands is that they are manufactured with expandable systems. This means that they can be easily installed and dismantled. If you have decided to opt for one of these stands, then consider the different types which are available.

Magnetised pop-up stands – These stands are commonly seen in many modern exhibition shows. They have interlocking magnetic branches which can hold marketing banners.

Steel cross base stands – These pop-up stands have a strong steel base which supports the centre. Steel cross base stands are perfect for outdoor events.

Fabric pop-up stands – Compared to other stands, these are less expensive and easier to install. These stands are available in different types which include flat and curved models, full size or dimensional panels, single or double sided stands.

Before choosing a stand, consider the nature of the exhibitions which you regularly attend and the individual needs of your business.