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Planning exhibition layouts

You are best placed to decide on the focus and objectives of your exhibition stand. However, here are some general questions you should be asking yourself in the planning stages:

1. The logic of the graphics: this is the message you want to communicate to your visitors. Keep it clear, eye-catching, simple and coherent. Think about how you will attract visitors to your exhibition display in the first place – how will they notice you in amongst your rivals?

2. The use of the space: where are the entry points to your exhibition display? What is the first thing your visitors will see? You need a strong message and visual impact as soon as they approach or enter your stand.

3. How do you want them to move around the exhibition? Do they need to follow an order of information, or is there a main focal point you want to draw them to? Does your display flow, or is it cluttered and disjointed?

4. Optimise the impact. This does not mean overwhelming people with an onslaught of information, but rather the opposite! Keep important information at eye-level, where it is less likely to be obscured and will be more immediately noticeable.