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Osprey Banner Stands

Osprey Banner Stand from Ultima Displays

Osprey Banner Stand from Ultima Displays

The Osprey Banner Stand was launched by Ultima Displays in 2013 as the latest addition to their replaceable cassette banner stand range.

The Osprey Roller Banner joins the Merlin and Imagine models, heading-up the Ultima line up of replaceable cassette banner products and currently being the most expensive system in their range.

For those who are unfamiliar with replaceable cassette roller banner stands, the principle is very simple. The printed graphic of the unit is loaded onto a roller mechanism that can be removed and replaced from the main banner stand housing.

The ability to remove and replace the printed graphic panel means that customers can update the printed information on the stand quickly and easily without the expense of purchasing an entire unit.

The Osprey Banner Stand is imported by Ultima Displays and re-sold through a network of dealers throughout the UK and is thus now widely distributed and supported.

Printdesigns introduced the same product as the Osprey Banner Stand to our range back in 2012. We currently purchase direct from the overseas manufacturer rather than through Ultima Displays.

By buying direct from the manufacturer rather than from the distributor, our pricing is lower when compared to the number of Ultima dealers who sell essentially the same product. In fact our price for the system including the graphic print is currently £25 plus vat lower than the Osprey RRP price for the stand without printing.

You can find details of this item on our own website as we call the same product a Rollbat Banner Stand.

A product information sheet is also available to download on this product from this link:- Osprey Banner Stand.pdf

Replacement graphic cassettes for the Osprey Banner Stand / Rollbat Banner stand are readily available from the website. Once again, being a product sourced direct from the manufacturer, we believe that we can supply the lowest possible pricing on this product.

For more information on the Osprey / Rollbat banner stand or for information on any other products in our range, why not contact us and we will be happy to help.