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New Product – Outdoor Roller Banner Stands

outdoor roller banner stands

outdoor roller banner stands

Outdoor banner stands are normally tensioned systems rather than being roll-up stands. On a typical outdoor banner stand, the base is filled up with either sand or water to give the stand ballast and to prevent it from being blown-over when being used outside.

Although tensioned outdoor banner stands are not complicated to assemble, there are usually several poles that need to be push fitted together and the graphic itself has to be rolled up and stored separately to the stand. As the print is stored separate to the base, the graphic print can be vulnerable when being moved around and consequently prints can become damaged.

Printdesigns have a huge range of roller banner stands for indoor use and now a roller banner designed specifically for use outdoors too! Our outdoor roller banner stands use a super heavy 23kg metal base which is capable of withstanding Beaufort Scale 3 winds. The base can accommodate wither one or two printed graphic panels therefore making the stand available for use single or double sided.

There is always an element of compromise between the overall weight of a stand and portability (the lighter the stand, the more portable it is but the less stability it has). To counter the heavy base, the outdoor roller banner has been equipped with wheeled on one side and a neat pull-out handle on the other side. It means that the stand can be transported around like a trolley by simply rolling it rather than picking it up.

The outdoor roller banner is available to buy on the website. Should you have any queries, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help!