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New Air Display System Available

Printdesigns have always tried to innovate when it comes to the supply of great looking portable displays. Quite simply, the market is saturated with companies who sell the exact same products, purchasing them from the exact same wholesalers. It means that when you show up at an exhibition or event, it is very possible that you will be using the exact same display as the exhibitor next door and that’s never a good thing!

As well as supplying ‘core’ products, we spend a lot of time searching for new ideas and products that we can offer our customers which in turn can help make our clients events a success. Many products are a spin on something that already exists. Take our Rollbat replaceable cassette banner stands for example, it is not a re-invention of the wheel but an improvement and development on products that are widely used in the exhibition and events industry.

Sometimes we come across products which are completely different to anything else we have seen and our Air Displays falls into that category!

In it’s simplest form, the Air Display is essentially a giant ceiling suspended mobile. It consists of 6 circular graphics that are double sided printed and housed behind lightweight re-useable frames. Each frame is suspended from an accurately balanced rod and the rods are arranged in tiers which can move independently of one another.

Designed to be used in almost any indoor environment, the system captures air movement which causes the disks to move around. As each face of the disk is printed on both sides, several facets of the display can usually be seen regardless of the viewing position.

Air Display stands are not only unique and a sure way to draw attention, they are also extremely cost effective. Available in a choice of three sizes costs for a complete system including printing is from £99 plus vat. Should the Air Displays become outdated in the future then the graphics can be removed from the display and replaced quickly and cost effectively too.

For more information on the new Air Display from Printdesigns why not visit our website or call and ask for details.

Air Display from Printdesigns

Air Display from Printdesigns