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There are lots of suppliers of banner stands on the web today some of whom are expensive and some of whom are more competitively priced.

Lots of suppliers sell very similar products but the prices from supplier to supplier can vary dramatically.

We found the above supplier who professed not to sell low-cost, economy banner stands because they are ‘not fit for purpose’ so we were very surprised when the very same company popped up this morning with a different website address and offering a banner stand for £39.99 (just like the ones they professed not to sell because they are not fit for purpose!)

The companies website popupbannerstands ( and the old website rollerbannerstands (.com) seem to be rather in conflict with one another.

I feel sorry for the customer who goes to the website where the above ‘beware’ statement is published and pays almost twice the price for a similar product that the very same supplier sells on another website. I have to agree that it is clever marketing however :-)

If you are looking for a supplier of banner stands who just offers consistently good value on products then Printdesigns can help. We have been producing high quality display stands since 1999 and are a family owned business who pride ourselves on high levels of customer service. We only have one website and our prices have been and always will be the best around!