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Maximise customer traffic with exhibition displays and banner stands

Exhibition display stands and banner displays are popular advertising tools used for both indoor and outdoor promotions. Banner stands with colourful graphics can mostly be seen at the entrance of promotional events like trade shows and exhibitions.

While taking part in such promotional events, exhibition displays can be used for announcing the latest offers and promotions. Conventional ‘A’ board advertising has now been replaced with two sided exhibition display stands printed in high-resolution with colourful inks and then laminated to ensure their durability.

The use of banner stands for indoor promotions

Shopping centres and retail stores are some places where banner stands are widely used for promoting new and existing products. These display tools not only showcase company products in the best possible way, but also draw attention of the target customers.

Due to the flexibility and portability of banner stands, they can be placed near the actual item, thus creating terrific product awareness. While single sided banner stands are mostly used against a wall, double sided units can be placed in between areas to display advertisements.

Use outdoor banner stands such as bill boards

With colourful displays, durable and weather resistant materials, outdoor banner stands can be used on roadsides and pavements for announcing retail sales, store openings and regularly changing promotions. Unlike billboards, banner stands are portable and quite affordable.

Outdoor banner stands can also be used in places like restaurants and hotel receptions. If you are looking for effective and affordable promotional display tools, banner stands are one of the best available options.