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Making your stand interactive

Even with the best graphics and a well-conceived display, if your exhibition stand is static and designed for a passive audience it will be unlikely to attract much attention.

Video demonstrations can be a good way of drawing people to your stand and presenting information in a way that doesn’t put pressure on them.

This may be an effective way of catching their eye, but you will need to do more to persuade them to stay!
If you are showcasing a new product, then you need your visitors to engage with it.

Demonstrations can be effective, although try and avoid creating a classroom feel. You need to create opportunities for the visitors to interact with the presenter and the product.

Organise a game that visitors could play. Introducing an element of competition will encourage visitors to stay a little longer at your stand. Competitions are also a good excuse to collect people’s contact details…!

Use promotion items to encourage people to participate and make sure you give away branded prizes if possible.

Make sure your staff are well-trained with excellent knowledge of the product you are promoting. They must be able to interact well with visitors, and instantly create a good rapport.

Adding an interactive element to your exhibition stand will create added interest for your visitors and make it a more enjoyable and profitable experience for everyone.