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Making it memorable (2)

4. Plan exciting and interesting product demonstrations that encourage engaging with your audience. There is a wide range of promotional units and counters available for these purposes, although you could also consider showing a promotional film as part of your approach to product demonstrations.

5. Think very carefully about any giveaways. Literature and promotional products can end up being an expensive waste of time and resources. Consider what you would like any literature you hand out to achieve: it can certainly help visitors remember the display after the event, but keep it to a minimum – it needs to act as a reminder and encourage the holder to contact your company. The abundance of literature handed out at such events means that the bulk is likely to end up in the bin, so keep this in mind when planning your display.

6. People power. It is imperative to have well-trained staff with the right people skills. Visitors will remember helpful, knowledgeable, informative, professional and charismatic employees, and their behaviour can shape the memory of your trade show display. You can have the best display stands, but if your staff are ill-prepared, this will let you down.