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Make yourself stand out at trade shows using banner stands

Advertising your product at a trade show can be more effective with the use of banner stands. They are a very versatile and cost effective way of showcasing your products and services.

Banner stands are easy to set up and convenient in comparison to other types of exhibition stands, and you can effectively make use of text and graphics to display your products in a simple manner.

Different kinds of banner stands

Depending upon your requirements, you can make use of the different types of banner stands. Pole tension banner stands are light in weight making it easy to transport and assemble them.

Retractable types of banner stands are also very popular, and function similar to a window shade as the banner is rolled up neatly at the base of the stand. When required it can be easily unrolled and attached to the support rod above. Such stands enable you to use two different banners- at the front and back, to advertise different products.

So, if you’re looking to make your next trade show a success consider investing in banner stands.