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Make The Most Of Exhibition Time

Exhibition stands are a great way to command attention at a conference or similar event, with their imperious height and eye-catching design. They can aid continuity within a brand and add a great air of professionalism in a competitive atmosphere. But are businesses making the most of their time in the spotlight at these events? Here is a list of handy tips and hints designed to help those attending conferences and events to capitalise on their exhibition time.

  • Establish both business and exhibition goals

Ascertaining the goals of the business is a vital task to undertake before departing for an exhibition. This can help remind employees what is most important to the company in their time away from the office. Once these goals are established, it can help those setting the goals to determine what they hope to gain from a trade show or exhibition. Achievable targets are important, and can contribute to a sense of accomplishment when they are reached.

  • Calculate costs beforehand

Working out the approximate cost of each pitch and the total amount budgeted for ‘giveaways’ and samples is just one of the factors which need to be addressed before hitting the road. But don’t forget the other costs: the price of exhibition stands and promotional materials, as well as the man-hours put in. Calculating these costs can help with the setting of targets, as companies will know how much they need to make in order for the exhibition to be a success.

  • Select promotional material and supporting kit carefully

Establishing a brand means an emphasis on continuity and sending the right message to prospective customers or business partners. The tallest and widest banner stands can help to draw attention, but a smaller and more cleverly-designed display can have the same effect. Ensure that the kit is suitable for the occasion; using an indoor exhibition stand at an outdoor conference on a windy day will only result in exhibitors fighting to keep their display upright.

  • Shake hands, make eye contact and connect with visitors

This may seem blindingly obvious, but walking past a display at an exhibition and seeing an employee ‘hiding’ in their booths or cowering behind a budget banner stand is a fairly common sight. Greet visitors, say ‘hello’ to everyone, shake hands and ask people’s names (and eventually, their contact details). Not only will this make the exhibition seem much more personable for the visitor, it can contribute towards goals if names can be added to a mailing list or if a lead is generated.