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Luminex Pop Up Stands

New Luminex Pop Up Stands Feature Backlit End Panels

New Luminex Pop Up Stands Feature Backlit End Panels

We are launching our new range of Luminex pop up stands this Month.

The Luminex Pop Up Stand is a new system, manufactured by British firm Larsen Displays. Larsen are one of the few British businesses involved in the actual manufacture of portable display systems and their products have a well deserved reputation for being well designed and constructed.

With the market saturated with very similar looking pop up stands, it is refreshing to see a product that looks unique and we hope the style of the Luminex pop up display will appeal to those clients looking to invest in a pop up stand.

The Luminex pop up stand uses brushed aluminium end-caps which can be fitted with backlit, printed end panels.

The end panels of these pop up stands are constructed from thick acrylic that is routed-out and infilled with coloured acrylic. You can add your logo, web address or wording to the end cap by supplying the file in vector based format. The panels are illuminated with two 20 Watt fluorescent tubes in order to give even distribution of light from top to bottom.

Luminex pop up stand will go on-sale later this Month at