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Linear display kits to suit all needs

Linear display stands can often be a cost-effective and versatile display solution, with plenty of choice in accessories to create an attractive and functional exhibition booth. More substantial than most pop up stands, linear displays can also be used for more permanent displays as well as trade shows.

• Audio visual and graphic posts allow you to integrate LCD screens of up to 4kg and provide an eye-catching addition to any booth, while the audio visual and literature posts also fulfil the function of encouraging visitors to take more information.

• Wire panel kits can provide a stylish alternative to folding panel kits if you have A4 posters to display. Changing graphics is simple with this system, which makes them great for displays that require frequent updates.

• Graphic panels are available in a variety of sizes, and can be straight or curved, which gives the exhibitor greater flexibility in the design of the exhibition space. Counters are also available in either curved or straight shapes, to complement the graphic panels.

• The use of technology in trade show exhibitions is more and more common, particularly the use of audio visual display. If you have opted for the audio visual posts, add an LCD graphic panel display to provide another point of interaction for your visitors.