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Lightweight vs Heavyweight Roller Banner Stands

This is a typical lightweight banner stand that features a twist-out foot for stability

This is a typical lightweight banner stand that features a twist-out foot for stability

Buying a roller banner can be somewhat confusing because there are so many different types and styles of banner stand available, all of which can look very similar.

As a specialist in portable roller banners for exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and events, we understand the many subtle differences between the various models on the market and can therefore offer sound advice as to which type of banner stand will meet your requirements.

When buying a roller banner stand, we can divide the types of stand available into two main types:-

Lightweight Roller Banners – which typically feature a compact base with twist-out foot/feet for stability

Heavyweight Roller Banners – which feature a wider base that requires no fold-out feet for stability

These days, many customers choose to purchase lightweight banner stands for their events. From a financial point of view there is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on an expensive roller banner when a cheap roller banner will suffice!

If, however the display is intended for use in a very high traffic environment or a location that may be subject to sudden gusts of wind like a reception area, paying more money and getting a roller banner with a weighty base is beneficial. It does not take a mathematical genius to figure out that a roller banner with a heavy base is going to be more stable than a roller banner with a very lightweight base.

When buying a roller banner, we would advise taking into account the conditions and environment that the display stand will be used in. Remember that similar looking banner stands from many companies can vary dramatically in weight. Some banner stand suppliers buy-in roller banner bases that are constructed from very thin metal to save money and cut-costs. Such cheap banner stands do not tend to be as stable as our own budget banner stand which is made to a low price, whilst still being durable.