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Lighting For Pop Up Stands & Banner Stands

The addition of lighting to your display can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your exhibition stand. Illuminating your display not only ‘lifts’ the colour of the printed graphic on your exhibition stand, it also draws attention by helping to catch the eye of passers by.

Since lights can be added to most of our pop up stands and banner stands for a relatively low cost, we highly recommend the use of lights when and wherever possible.

Pop up stand lights are usually floodlights which contain powerful bulbs of around 150 Watts, these are capable of a wide light ‘throw’ whereas roller banner stand lights are typically a lower power output of between 35 and 50 Watts which have a more localised beam more suited to picking out detail towards the top of the stand.

Both types of lights are very simple to fit. Roller Banners lights simply clip-on to the pole of the rear of the display using a bulldog type clip. The stem of the light arcs-over to the front of the print and the head of the light can be directed accordingly to where the light should fall on the banner stand print.

Pop up stand lights fix to the framework by attaching to the framework using a molded plate, designed to grip to the tube sections of the pop up stand frame.

Because lights can get hot while in use, it is important to ensure that the bulbs have sufficient time to cool-down before packing them away.

Another good idea before you attend your exhibition or event is to contact the event organiser to ensure that a power socket is available and to confirm if the venue will allow you to use an extension lead which is a worthwhile accessory to carry if you are using several lights at the same time from a single socket.