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Light up your exhibition stand

Lighting your exhibition stand attractively is one way to grab a visitor’s attention. It can in many ways make the display more attractive and give your display stand a professional look. Let us have a look at what types of display lights are available in the market and how can they help your exhibition stand.


Spotlights are available in lots of different styles and types. These lights are used to focus a certain point or product. They look good when used at exhibitions held at night. Spotlights let you highlight a product or a particular brand or pictures displayed on your stand. This light can be used on banner stands and literature stands.

Powerspot display lights

Powerspot display lights are similar to spotlights but the range of light it emits differs. Powerspot display lights are much more powerful compared to spotlights. Looking at the range of lights available, this light is mainly used for pop-up stands. One Powerspot light at a corner of the stand gives enough light to immerse the whole stand in light.

Discussed above are two types of lighting that you can use on your display stand. Depending on your need, these lights are available in different voltages, types and styles. The arms of each types of display light are made in a way which let you focus and highlight certain parts or the overall area of your exhibition stand.