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LED Lights for Pop Up Display Stands Now Available

pop up stand with LED lights

We are happy to introduce new LED pop up display stand lights that are a direct replacement for traditional halogen units.

These eco friendly alternatives use only 20W of power yet produce the same light output as a 200W halogen bulb.

As well as a lower power consumption, these LED pop up lights offer other benefits to.

  • No need to wait 10 minutes for the lamps to cool down before you can safely handle them and pack them away as is the case with conventional halogen lamps
  • Power supply is auto switching between 110 and 240 volts so armed with the appropriate socket adapter plug, you can use these lights overseas where there is a 110V power supply
  • Up to 30,000 hours of run time – traditional halogen filament bulbs last around 500 hours
  • Solid state LED lights are very robust so less chance of arriving at an important show or event with a blown/broken bulb

LED lamps for pop up stands have been around for some time now but we decided not to add them to our range because previous LED units simply did not match the performance of traditional bulbs, provided very un-natural white light or were deemed simply too expensive.

Prices at less than £50 plus vat, we believe these LED pop up display lights provide great value for money and provide performance on par with conventional halogen lights.

For those customers who are purchasing one of our pop up display stand kits, we offer a p/x solution whereby your can upgrade the standard halogen pop up lamps for these LED alternatives.

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pop up stand with LED lights