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L Shaped Pop Up Display Stands Launched for 2010

L Shaped pop up stands are an ideal way to fill most exhibition booth areas

L Shaped pop up stands are an ideal way to fill most exhibition booth areas

New for 2010 is our L-Shaped pop up display stand

Traditionally our range of pop up displays has been limited to either straight or curved shapes which can be pushed up against an exhibition stand backwall when displaying. The problem with this arrangement is that quite frequently the exhibitor is left with an open wall and the prospect of what to fill it with!

Certainly banner stands or roller banners can be used to fill such unused exhibition stand space but frequently this leaves the display looking rather fragmented.

Our new L shaped pop up stand solves the issue by providing a structure that can be pushed into any standard exhibition booth corner, thus filling both sidewalls with an attractive, continuous run of exhibition graphics.

The L Shaped pop up display is available in a choice of three standard sizes (3×3, 3×4 and 3×5) and utlises the tried and tested Quick Fix framework to provide an exhibition stand that is simple, and fast to assemble.

For those customers with larger exhibition stand areas the display can be extended by simply adding-on extra quick fix pop up display frameworks, thus giving the ability to extend the display to almost any size.

As with all our pop up stands, the L Shaped pop up display has been priced to sell and our advertised costs are lower than any other UK based company.

As well as production of the stand itself, our creative team are geared up to help you with the concept and design of the display should you require it. For an accurate quote on graphic design, simply contact us to discuss your requirements.