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Is buying or renting best for you? (2)

Renting equipment could prove to be the more sensible option in certain situations. If your company is new to trade shows, then you may not want to jump in at the deep end and commit yourself to an untested design.

You need your exhibition stands to present your company and communicate your message to the audience, however, they also need to engage visitors and create new opportunities for development. Renting may be the best way to experiment with your company’s image in order to find the most effective way to communicate.

Budget will also play a role in this decision. Rental will involve a lower outlay, which will suit smaller budgets or companies that do not have frequent exhibition requirements. Rental also removes the need for transportation, storage, repair and, of course, replacement.

The main disadvantages of rental include the problem of availability. There is no guarantee of finding exactly the equipment you want and you could find that you produce graphics for a certain banner stand that you subsequently have difficulty getting hold of for later exhibitions.

Careful planning is necessary when preparing for trade shows, and it will depend on budget, frequency, and the life-span of your marketing strategy as to whether renting or buying is the best option for your company.