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Integrating LCD screens to pop up displays

Certain models of pop up stands can accommodate LCD screens, and this allows exhibitors to add a new dimension to their display.

Audio visual displays can work well with the static graphics of banner stands and the like, providing movement, contrast, and an effective way of communicating more information without having to cram display stands full of text.

But what can you show on your screens?

1. Promotional videos / adverts. Add music, slick visuals and you could show your advertisement as a backdrop to the main event.

2. Presentations. If you want the screen to provide a focus for your display, then it has to be worth watching! Make sure presentations are interesting, both in terms of content and delivery.

3. Product demonstrations. If you can’t have a member of staff available for demos, record one before the event and use your screen to display it.

4. Case studies. Prove the value of your products and services with case studies that prove their worth.

Points to remember:

• Try to create a narrative thread so that information flows, rather than presenting disjointed elements that audiences will not remember.

• Remember to keep it short – no longer than just a few minutes, or no-one will see the end.

• Be creative and take advantage of the opportunity to impress your visitors!