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Innovative exhibition stand ideas – how to use them effectively

Attractive exhibition stands quickly grab the visitor’s attention, making you stand out of the crowd. One thing every exhibitor should remember is that all the participants use similar exhibition stands and compete for the same target audience’s attention. You need to come up with innovative ideas to attract visitors. Here are a few ways to make your exhibition stand look different from the others:

Use 3D graphics

Every exhibitor uses attention grabbing graphics complemented by a variety of text. What is the difference between the graphics? The picture? The style of text? Is it really enough to attract visitors? Using completely different graphics can work wonders in capturing your audience’s attention.

The use of 3D graphics will give a totally new look to your exhibition stand. Companies like travel agencies or companies exhibiting photographs can use 3D graphics.

Make your exhibition stand interactive

Interact with your audience with the help of exhibition stand. This can be done by attaching LCD monitors and other displays for the demonstration of products. Hire sales people who can explain the demonstration in an interesting way.

You can also use props and signs with exhibition stands to make them communicative. Using lights to focus on the part which your target audience should notice is a good way of communicating with visitors.