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Innovative combination of display stands

Ever thought of combining two or more display stands to give an altogether different look to your exhibition? Participants always think of innovative strategies to stand out from the clutter of brands. Combining display stands and using them innovatively is a rarely used idea. Read on to know how to combine and use these stands effectively.


How to combine two or more display stands

One important factor to consider before combining display stands is that it should not look like a mismatch. The stands should gel with each other. For instance, using banner stands with outdoor display stands can be one of the best combinations. While the sales personnel promote the product to a few people, others can read the information displayed on banner stands.


Similarly, a brochure stand can be combined with desktop display stand. The problem with brochures is no one reads them. Visitors do not usually go and pick up the brochure from the stand. When they are combined with desktop display stands, they can be easily picked up or distributed to visitors for better understanding of your product. This will lead to better sales of product as well as good amount of brochure distribution.

Try to avoid combining two graphical displays or two informative displays stands together. This will lead to confusion and lack of interest in visitors. See to it that you maintain a proper balance of display of product on the stand and information provided. It should not be the case where only information is provided or only displays are made.


Proper lighting will also enhance the look of your display stands. Lighting can help you to focus on the display, offering success to your combination of display stands.