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Improve your visual impact with an LCD screen

Certain display stands such as the ISOframe Wave Display Stands and the Twist Banner Stands allow you to integrate LCD screens into your exhibition stand. But why bother?

The movement and contrast with the printed signage can make the difference between people stopping to watch and simply walking on by.

Many people memorise information much more easily from something they have watched on-screen rather than read about from a static display.

They may also be more likely to stay on and watch a video presentation than sit through a face-to-face presentation, where they may feel more pressure to buy.

Video can also allow you to design graphics for the banner that are more general, while the LCD presentation can be updated relatively easily.

Try to find an original take on your subject. You want to interest people enough for them to stick around, so any video will have to be eye-catching and interesting.

Create a rolling display – a presentation that doesn’t need anyone to communicate the information, but allows more complex information than that on the printed graphics.

Use it:

• To catch your visitors’ attention and hold it
• For product or service demonstrations, particularly if your product is too big to have at the trade show!
• To present successful projects as case studies