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Imported chinese banner stands

Over the last few years, we have seen a large increase in the number of overseas suppliers selling portable exhibition stands direct to the UK. Frequently the way in which these companies operate can be misleading to say the least. Many of these businesses are nothing more than an individual working from home and ‘drop-shipping’ banner stands from an overseas factory. Of course the websites give the impression of a much larger company with in-house production facilities!

We have numerous calls from customers who have placed orders for banner stands and pop up stands in the expectation that the goods are being produced in this country only to be let down when goods are lost or delayed in the international transit system. If you are thinking about placing an order for any kind of exhibition stand, be it a pop up display or a banner stand then our advice is to checkout your supplier first. A simple call to ask if you can visit the print facility will weed out the ‘box shifters’.

For those who knowingly order from overseas or chinese banner stand suppliers, there is usually one reason and that is…..price. Saving a small amount of money seems like a good idea but almost inevitably the final product is not up to the same standards one would expect from an equivalent UK based outfit. Chinese made banner stands for are usually printed onto thin to the point of being almost translucent PET paper which looks great if you like to see the shadow of the banner stand pole ‘ghosting’ through from the back!

With the pound/dollar exchange rate being so poor at the moment we will see undoubtdly see the price of chinese banner stands and chinese pop up stands increasing to reflect the exchange rate. With the value of the pound predicted to fall further against the dollar in 2009, maybe the days of the chinese banner stand box shifters are numbered?