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How to use banner stands to attract customers

Banner stands are commonly used for promotional activities these days. They are used widely in trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. The main aim of using these stands is quite simple – capture the attention of prospects and attendees. Following are some ways how you can use these stands.

Increased traffic

You can divert traffic towards your booth by placing it at a busy intersection. Increase the traffic by placing an arrow pointing towards your stand location. Ensure that you use an attractive banner and display any promotions vividly.

High spaces

It is recommended that you use banner stands that place the message above the booth. Thus, attendees can observe your message from distances. Avoid placing banner signs on the floor if you are exhibiting in convention halls. Your banner stand will certainly increase the flow of customers if your sign can be seen from faraway distances.

Attractive graphics

You can also increase footfall with the use of attractive graphics and colours. Choose appealing colours that are simple but effective. Consult an expert designer to design the stand in an efficient manner. Similarly, you can also use audio-visual equipment to create a favourable impression on those present.

Checkout counter

Place pamphlets and coupons near the checkout counter. Customers will thus receive more information on the products and services while standing in line. Make your banners attractive and informative to achieve the desired sales results.