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How to use a banner stand to your advantage

Banner stands are one of the most commonly used marketing devices to entice the crowd at trade shows and exhibitions. They are commonly utilised in retail stores and at conferences and are the perfect visual marketing material.

Banner stands are cost effective, easy marketing devices to use that help to drive footfall and customer traffic. They are also routinely used for promotion of new products and services. Good banner stands garner customer interest and go a long way to spread marketing messages and increasing brand visibility.

Directing traffic with banner stands

A good idea to increase footfall is to position the banner stand near a bustling intersection close to your trade booth. The banner stand design can include an arrow pointing to your booth location with a thoughtful well targeted product message. A similar tactic can be used in shopping centres to announce new products or services.

Banner stands can also be used at an elevated location such as above the store or the booth to attract customers. When the banner stand is visible from a long distance and from multiple directions, it will have a greater impact.

Banner stands as portable advertising device

When you set up a stall at an exhibition, shopping centre or fair, you can make use of banner stands to advertise your wares. In fact, banner stands are great for many different types of occasion and event.