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How to present your exhibition stand in the best way

Are you planning to participate in an exhibition? All set with your display stand and décor but still a little confused about making your stand attractive in a way which will immediately grab visitors’ attention? To clear your doubts, read on.

Use of colours

The colours used on your display stand should be appropriately chosen. Opt for colours which are eye catching yet not gaudy, and use company colours as and where appropriate.

Lighting your display stand

Attractively lighting your exhibition stand is a great way to grab attention, and a beautifully decorated display stand can look dull if not properly lit. Lighting will not only brighten the look of your display stand but if used correctly can also help you to highlight your product, services or brand.


Ensure that your stand contains information regarding the services which you wish to promote, but not so much text that visitors become confused. This will also encourage them to interact with you.

A few creative measures can not only enhance your brand’s image in the exhibition but will be an important step towards success.